Question: Won't Lauren Graham's chances of taking home the Emmy for best comedy actress be hurt by the fact that her best episode from last season — "Say Something" — was so dramatic? I mean, I have never been so heartbroken by television than when she left her Katie and Hubbell message on Luke's answering machine. — Kaye

Ausiello: I think Lauren put it best when she said, "I cried through 40 percent of that episode. How do you go, 'Ha ha ha ha — this crying is hilarious!'" But my feeling is, let's not put the cart before the horse, Kaye. Let's get Lauren a nomination before we start fretting about her winning the damn thing. Besides, Academy members are supposed to be nominating folks based on their performance all season — not just for one episode. And while I agree that "Say Something" was her finest hour, she had more than enough funny stuff to warrant a nod in the comedy-actress slot.