Question: There used to be a show — on for only one season, I think — called The Hat Squad. Do you remember this show and are you able to tell me the three actors who played the brothers, especially the blond one? They played cops or something like that and their father, who used to be a cop, was killed. Thank you. — Sharon, Terryville, Conn.

Televisionary: Nestor Serrano (Witchblade), Don Michael Paul (Models Inc.) and Billy Warlock (Baywatch) played three foster kids who grew up to join the L.A.P.D. and serve under their foster dad (James Tolkan), a police captain. They formed the Hat Squad, an elite crimefighting unit so named because... they all wore hats (fedoras, to be exact). Since all three guys had parents who'd also been cops, law enforcement was in their blood.

The series, which ran on CBS from September 1992 to January of the following year, was based on a real-life L.A.P.D. special-crimes team which was active in the '40s.