Question: What is a typical day of your life like? — Eva

Ausiello: I thought you'd never ask:

6 am: Alarm goes off.
6:15: Pop open first Diet Raspberry Snapple of the day. (Thanks, Wendy!)
6:18: Make sure Keri's digits are still programmed in cell.
6:20-7:20: Smurf roll call.
7:25: Brush teeth, take shower, gel hair, etc.
7:27: Head off to work while munching on a Balance Bar.
8:07: Finish off second Snapple (thanks, Wendy!) with meds. (Thanks, CVS rapid refill!)
9:45: Finish writing Entertainment News.
10:03: Reward myself with a large Diet Pepsi (from the fountain at Au Bon Pain, natch) and a low-fat chocolate chip cookie (from the 47th Street Deli, natch).
10:30: Check Ask Ausiello feedback mailbox; delete questions with "Charmed DVD," "Tru," "Die already!" and "4-8-15-16-23-42" in the subject line
11-4:30 pm: Power lunch and light shopping. (Thanks, Corporate American Express Card!).
4:45: Do some research for Ask Ausiello/Ausiello Report to keep up appearances.
5:00: Head home for the day.
5:10: Stop at the new Times Square Tasti-D-Lite for a fro-yo cone.
6:04: Power nap at home.
7:45: Eat dinner.
8-11: Watch TV.
11:15: Curl up in bed and fall asleep watching Law & Order: SVU reruns on USA. (Sweet dreams, Mariska!)