Question: It's time for a little tough love. You do realize, don't you, that there are a couple of other shows currently airing besides Lost, SVU, Scrubs, Desperate Housewives and Felicity — oh, wait, Felicity isn't even currently airing! I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in thinking it might be nice if you occasionally threw a bone to people who watch, oh, I don't know, Veronica Mars or, if you're feeling truly adventurous, Battlestar Galactica. — Not Keri

Ausiello: OK, let's not get crazy now. We're not quite at the Battlestar Galactica stage yet. Veronica Mars I can do. Alyson Hannigan, who debuts Tuesday as Logan's spoiled half sister, has signed on to do a second episode, airing April 26. And Aly tells me she'll "hopefully have a big arc next season," too! Tuesday's episode, she points out, "is really just an introduction to [my character] and telling the audience that she exists so that later on I can actually have more to do. I hope it works out because it is such a great show and it was so much fun to do. But I got so nervous [on my first day]. I think I probably blew my first scene. I don't know what happened. I just got so nervous. It was as if I had never done a day on Buffy before!" Having seen her big debut, I can assure Aly that she has nothing to worry about. Our favorite little witch did just fine.