Question: Any more tidbits you can share from your Keri interview? — Eva

Ausiello: While recording commentary for Felicity: Senior Year Collection (The Complete Fourth Season) DVD, due out March 8, she got all veklempt discussing the last scene of the final episode, in which Greg Grunberg makes a toast to the cast. "They're like, 'What do you think of all that?' And I started crying. I was like, 'Can we start over? This is a little embarrassing.'" Here's another morsel: Keri, who's in the process of buying an apartment in New York, called on her onetime Felicity boss J.J. Abrams to write her a letter of recommendation. "I needed some pizzazz, so I pulled in the heavy hitters," she told me. "J.J. wrote this hilarious, sweet letter." The board is still reviewing her package. Should they turn her down, you can be sure that the names and phone numbers of every single opposing board member will be posted on Ask Ausiello.