Question: Do you think the second season of The O.C. is a disappointment? Seem like they're turning it into a Dawson's Creek clone because everyone knows that Ryan and Marissa are meant for each other. — Jimmy

Ausiello: In my opinion, the only thing Marissa is meant for is a padded cell. I hated her with Ryan. Major props to Josh Schwartz for putting this relationship out of its misery. As far as the season as a whole, it's hit-and-miss with me. I like that Lindsay turned out to be a Cohen, but I could have done without all the cloak-and-dagger theatrics that led up to the big reveal. (If I had to sit through one more secret meeting between Sandy and Caleb I was gonna seriously hurt someone.) And as much as I dig Adam Brody, there is such a thing as too much Seth Cohen.