Question: That's horrible! How could you leave us Spike devotees hanging at the very end of your column like some Floridian chad!? You're supposed to be our television golden god, but you have disappointed. I demand Spike movie info, or I shall toss my golden Smurf icon into the trash. Don't think I won't. — Rachel

Ausiello: Uncle! OK, here's the deal. WB president David Janollari instantly recognized me as "the Spike guy" when we met up last week at the Frog's upfront bash, so that allowed me to dispense with the pleasantries and cut right to the chase. I asked him, point-blank: "Should Spike fans just abandon this fight? Because if there's no chance of a Spike movie happening, let me know now and I'll tell them to give up." Well, Janollari insisted a William the Bloody telepic was most definitely not a lost cause, adding that it remains a "project of interest" for him. When I asked what the frick the holdup was, he told me a bunch of stuff off the record before revealing on the record that Joss Whedon has yet to pick up the phone to discuss the matter with him. And as you no doubt recall, Whedon hinted in the March 23 AA that he was thisclose to putting some feelers out to Janollari about Spike. Long story short: I think the ball's in Joss' court, folks.