Question: Please, please tell me what's going to happen next season on Nip/Tuck. I can't take it anymore! — Jillian

Ausiello: Today's your lucky day, Jillian! Third-season Nip/Tuck intel finally started trickling into my cubicle last week. As first reported in Tuesday's Entertainment News, Bruno Campos — aka Dr. Costa, the Atlanta-based plastic surgeon who stitched up Sean's lacerated face — is joining the show as a full-fledged series regular. "Going with the Frankenstein theme of the show, he's a splice of both Sean and Christian," Campos explains of his character. "He is as committed to the surgical profession as Sean, and he's as committed in the sexual [arena] as Christian. So the idea is, he's gonna form a triangulation. I don't know much more beyond that." And what about rumors that the doc may actually be the Carver, as some (read: me) have speculated? "It's crossed my mind," he admits. "But I don't know who the Carver is. I don't think any of the actors know." Here's an interesting little sidenote about Campos: The onetime Jesse actor was actually series creator Ryan Murphy's first choice to play Christian — that is, until Julian McMahon walked in and snatched the role out from under him. Hey, how ironic would it be if Campos did turn out to be the serial slice 'n' dicer, who ended Season 2 driving a knife into McMahon? Pretty freakin' ironic.