Question: You suck! You should have your column censored and your keyboard keys completely smashed for talking negative about life as we know it — aka the best show on any network. You suck! — Scott

Ausiello: Hey, watch your language, kiddo. I made you, therefore, I can break you. All I said was that ABC was probably gonna kill it in early December. I never said anything about it being bad. Actually, I kinda think life's pretty good. But the cold, hard truth is that not enough people are watching it to keep it alive. Now there has been a bit of good news since last we spoke, and I'll share it with you, Scott, if you promise to watch that mouth of yours. Promise? OK. ABC announced Monday that a life marathon will air on MTV on Nov. 27 and Dec. 4 — proof positive that the network still believes in the show. The real test comes Dec. 2 when it returns to ABC's lineup. If more than 5 million viewers tune in (up from the 4 million that watched the last original episode), it's got a fighting chance. Now, behave yourself, Scott, before I introduce you to my pal, Ivanna Riddlin.