Question: Have you seen a screening of the new Fox show Reunion? What do you think? — Josh

Ausiello: I watched the pilot last week and I'd give it a solid B. It features a hot cast (including The O.C.'s Amanda Righetti and American Dreams' Will Estes), an intriguing conceit (the entire season spans 20 years!) and an addictive central mystery (Who dies in the finale?). Plus, the '80s soundtrack rules. I think it'll serve as the perfect Thursday night companion to The O.C. I also screened CBS' alien thriller Threshold and the WB comedy Twins and, sadly, both fell short of my expectations. On the flipside, UPN's Chris Rock-inspired comedy Everyone Hates Chris exceeded my expectations, as did Fox's Kitchen Confidential, starring Alias' Bradley Cooper. Next on my watch list: Fox's Bones with David Boreanaz and NBC's promising My Name Is Earl.