Question: After seeing how Jonathan treated Victoria on the Dec. 14 episode of The Amazing Race, I was wondering about the rules of conduct for the racers. In this episode, Jonathan treated Victoria so poorly, she was in tears. Would there be any consequences for his abusive actions? Could he be arrested for assault? Would he have a "punishment delay" in the race? What did you think of Phil's reaction to Jonathan and Victoria's fight as they arrived at the pit stop? — Nicole

Ausiello: I couldn't believe Phil didn't bitch-slap that lunatic on the spot when he shoved Vicky halfway across Berlin. At the very least he should have shot him with a tranquilizer dart. And although that particular incident didn't really qualify as assault, I'm told producers have security on hand during each and every race in the event that violence erupts. As far as what consequences he/she would face — penalty, arrest, immediate Philimination, etc. — that would be determined on a case-by-case basis.