Question: Please say it isn't so! I just heard that Denis Leary might be leaving Rescue Me. How can the show go on without him? — Stacey

Ausiello: It can't — and he's not. I think you're confusing the character with the actor. At the end of last season, Leary's character announced that he wanted to transfer out of the firehouse. So, when the second season begins this summer, Leary's character will temporarily relocate to a new house and there'll be a "guy who takes my place in my old house," Leary explains. "He ends up being the greatest guy in the world and everyone loves him. He doesn't smoke, he doesn't drink — he's the complete opposite of my character." The role has not been cast, but Leary tells me "it'll definitely [be] a name actor." Like, say, Matt Dillon?