Question: Will Rose be back on Lost? She hasn't made an appearance in a long time. What's the deal? — Nicole

Ausiello: The deal, according to J.J. Abrams, is that the actress behind the castaway, L. Scott Caldwell, landed a play and has been unavailable. However, J.J. says viewers "will definitely see Rose again." He also described the show's 90-minute season finale as "mind-blowing. It's got a wonderful bookend quality to the season. In addition to answering a number of questions, it also raises some infinitely bigger ones." Abrams also confirmed that Claire will go into labor in the April 6 episode, contradicting an earlier Ask Ausiello spoiler that said her big day would come in the finale. In my defense, the oddly-shaped mole who fed me said spoiler was cut off weeks ago and replaced with a far less suspicious one.