Question: So you report Carniv&#224le's demise — and that's it? Hello?? If any show deserves that its fans fight for its return, it's this one! Please encourage people to call HBO, to write them letters and to visit the Yahoo Group in order to learn more about what we can do. — Samuray

Ausiello: I was in mourning, dude! And when I'm in mourning, I retreat. But now I've arrived at the third stage of loss — "P---ed off" — and I'm ready to take some action. Lemme start by sharing with you a snippet of a lengthy message Daniel Knauf posted last week on Yahoo, in which he urged fans to keep Carniv&#224le alive by lending "your DVDs to friends. Get them out there into the world. Capture eyeballs, collect converts. Throw viewing parties. For god's sake, organize a Live CarnyCon! And maybe — just maybe — in the (not so distant) future, some bright young executive will say, "Hey, remember that show Carniv&#224le? You know, people are still talking about that! There's a monster fan base out there!" Maybe they'll order a season. Maybe a series of films. Stranger things have (and do) happened. Fans, the ball's in your court, now. Take it and run with it." Well, what are you waiting for? Run!