Question: No, the refusal to renew Enterprise isn't the Tribbles' fault (Entertainment News, 2/3). It's exec producer Rick Berman's, for being creatively bankrupt and unwilling to step aside for someone with a brain and a vision, like [fellow producer] Manny Coto. It's UPN's fault, for adamantly refusing to advertise the franchise that "launched a network." And it's Les Moonves's fault, for his hatred of science fiction in general and his contempt for anything he personally didn't invent. The sci-fi audience is there. The Trekkies are there. The quality is there. The show should not have been canceled. — Evay

Ausiello: Hey, cut Rick, Les and UPN some slack. At least they were able to coax Next Generation vets Jonathan Frakes (Riker) and Marina Sirtis (Troi) to guest-star in the May 13 finale. That's worth something, right? And 18 consecutive years of storytelling within the same "universe," over four Trek series, isn't slumming. Nothing lasts forever. OK, that's not exactly true. That friggin' corn on my little toe is apparently here to stay.