Question: I really would like to know your opinion on this season's 24. And which is your favorite new character? — Paula

Ausiello: I'm love, love, loving 24 so far this season. And my fave new character is, of course, Mommie Dearest. She gives me chills — the good kind. The actress behind the terrorist, Shohreh Aghdashloo, isn't nearly as creepy — as I discovered at Sunday's Globes when we met on the red carpet. Although relishing being "a villain for the first time in my life," Aghdashloo admits playing someone who poisons little girls to death has its drawbacks. "I was worried that my daughter's friends wouldn't come to my house to eat anymore," she told me. "I'm a good cook — and I like to cook for them. They especially love my rice. But they understand that it's fiction." Plus, everyone knows it's her iced tea you have to watch out for.