Question: I opened your pictures from last week's AA and it looks like you work in a cubicle. You deserve your own office. What do I need to do to get you your very own office? — Heather

Ausiello: You need to participate in this week's Ask Ausiello contest! The person who makes the most compelling argument for why I should be working in an office and not a cubicle wins, um... er, a T-shirt from Pauly Shore's forthcoming TBS reality series Minding the Store and a shout-out on an upcoming installment of's weekly Podcast, TV Guide Talk. Simply call the Podcast hotline (212-626-2525) and, in 15 seconds or less, tell TPTBATVG (The Powers That Be At TV Guide) why I deserve four floor-to-ceiling walls to call my own. The deadline is Friday, July 1, at noon EST. Good luck!