Question: OK, I have to admit that you made my weekend! Seeing you on the TV Guide Channel dishing about the Top 5 TV moments of the week was totally unexpected and decisively thrilling! Who knew you'd be cuter in front of the TV camera than in pictures? How adorable can one person be? There oughta be a law, Michael! — Stace

Ausiello: Were we separated at birth, Stacey? Because I was thinking the same exact thing when I saw me on Friday. For those in the dark, the TV Guide Channel is using yours truly as a featured commentator (or as I like to call it, a "fundit") for their new "Big 5" segment, which runs at the top of What's On every Friday at 7 pm/ET (and is then replayed countless times over the weekend). It's a great gig — way better than hosting some late-late-late-late-night talk show on CBS, that's for darn sure.