Question: Last Monday's Entertainment News mentioned you being "on assignment." Anything you can talk about? — Tony King

Ausiello: Yes, as I noted in last week's AA, I was on the New Jersey set of Law & Order: SVU for an upcoming TV Guide cover story. I spent much of the day holed up in my pal Mariska's newly remodeled office/dressing room peeing my pants discussing her plans for the hiatus, getting her thoughts on a Benson-Stabler romance and clearing the air about those pesky baby rumors. (She also showed me her fantastic website, Although I have to save most of her answers for the cover story, I can tell you that, despite rumors, Marish is most definitely not expecting — although it's not for lack of trying on the part of her and hubby Peter Hermann. And here's some scoop: Mariska confirmed that when (and if) she gets pregnant, it will be written into SVU. That's right, Benson's gonna have a baby!