Question: Michael, I love you, but I clicked on your Entertainment News column Thursday morning and there was a story proclaiming Boone's demise on Lost. I worked late Wednesday and had to TiVo Lost! What happened to no spoilers? — Chris

Ausiello: Yeah, I got a lot of flak from readers for mentioning Boone's demise in Entertainment News. One guy, who sounded like a dead ringer for Harvey Fierstein, actually left a nasty voice mail for my boss calling for my ouster. (The MP3 may soon be available on for a small fee.) But allow me to point out that Webster's defines a "spoiler" as "a huge plot twist that gets revealed prior to a program's original airing." The key words here being prior and original. Besides, how was I supposed to report on Ian Somerhalder's new ABC development deal without mentioning that the network basically fired him the night before in front of 17 million viewers!? I may be talented, gifted and devilishly handsome, but I'm not a miracle worker.