Question: I love your column, and am equally obsessed with Keri Russell. Felicity is my all-time favorite show. Getting to my point, I ran into Keri on my lunch break last week. I was so starstruck that I didn't even say anything. She was beautiful! Totally looked like the Felicity of senior year. Jealous? — Jayme

Ausiello: As jealous as a person who just had dinner with her Sunday night could be, I suppose. That's right, just two weeks after bumping into Mariska Freakin' Hargitay in the lobby of my apartment building, I shared green-bean tempura and a warm chocolate tart with Keri Freakin' Russell! I. Kid. You. Not. As you know, I'm not one to gush, kiss, tell and gush some more, so you'll just have to wait until my feature on her comes out in TV Guide magazine next month to read all the juicy details. But this much I'll share: There were some tears, lots of laughter and, in the end, the exchange of cellphone numbers.