Question: So, will Lorelai and Emily ever speak to each other again before the season ends? — Janette

Ausiello: They sure will, although their exchanges will be far from pleasant. Lorelai will even return for a special Friday-night dinner attended by Logan. How do I know this, you ask? Because after I wrapped my guest stint, Amy personally invited me to sit in on a table read for this episode — only the second time she has allowed a journalist this far inside the process. To say the experience ranked among the most exciting 45 minutes of my life is an understatement. I get goose bumps just thinking about it. The biggest laughs were generated by Kelly Bishop (Emily) and Edward Hermann (Richard), who, being the pros that they are, nailed every single one of their line readings as if they had had the script for a month. And they weren't even there in the flesh. Both were teleconferenced in — Kelly from her home in New Jersey and a vacationing Edward from his hotel in Florida. Other interesting tidbits: The episode (No. 20, the one after my cameo) begins with Paris belting out a cover of "I'm Walking on Sunshine," but an embarrassed Liza Weil chose to recite the lyrics instead of sing them in front of her cast mates; Amy's husband, fellow exec producer Dan Palladino, read the role of Logan's father Mitchum in actor Gregg Henry's stead; when Bishop discovered she was missing page 32, Alexis Bledel jumped in and read Emily's lines; and afterward, someone in the room gorged on two cupcakes, three chocolate-chip biscottis and one brownie at the dessert table. (Here's a clue: It was me!)