Question: Looking forward to your column gets me out of bed every Wednesday. Before you came along, I simply couldn't be bothered with "Hump Day." My boss wants to thank you, as I now show up for work five days a week. Oh, and I can't wait to see you in Stars Hollow! Woo-hoo! — Sarah

Ausiello: Maybe I should have kept quiet about my Gilmore cameo until I actually shot the thing. You would have thought I learned my lesson from my big Felicity catastrophe circa 2002. For those unfamiliar with said catastrophe, suffice it to say my highly publicized role as Student No. 27 at you-know-who's college graduation was reduced to a bit part in the editing room. And I literally mean bit part; the only thing you saw was my arm. Even worse: My outtakes didn't even end up on the recently released Felicity — Senior Year Collection (The Complete Fourth Season). Why does this stuff always happen to me? Why?!?!?!