Question: Are you looking to be decapitated? Someone asks if Scott Patterson, the biggest male star on Gilmore Girls, is leaving and you say, "I'll get into that in next week's column" (Ask Ausiello 5/11)! You can't do that to Gilmore Girls fans — we're insane! Have you not learned that yet? — Megan

Ausiello: I honestly had no idea that a little tease would cause such an uproar. Save for that time I dissed Barry Manilow, I've never received so many angry e-mails about something I wrote — or, in this case, something I didn't. But contrary to popular belief, I was not trying to manipulate you guys into returning for this week's AA. I have way too much respect for my readers to pull such a blatant sweeps-esque stunt. And to prove it, I will keep my promise and tell you what I know about Scott's future on GG... a little later in the column.