Question: I live in the United Kingdom and am trying to find out if Lost or Veronica Mars will be shown over here and, if so, what television channel they are likely to be shown on? — Linda

Ausiello: Sounds like a question for Ask Ausiello's London Bureau Chief, Matt Eriksson: "Lost was first supposed to have premiered in January on Channel 4 here in the U.K., but due to the success of Desperate Housewives, it got pushed to early August 2005. It will most likely air on Wednesday nights. And regarding Veronica Mars, although rumor has it Sky One picked up the show, I was informed they never bought the rights for it. As of now, no other network has decided to buy it. But since it has been renewed for a second season it is likely broadcasters here will reconsider picking it up." I knew there was a reason I decided not to shut down AA/U.K.