Question: A little birdie (by the name of you) told me you have some divine Scrubs scoop. Do spill. Also, if you're going to cheat on me and take a picture with some other woman at press tour (Ask Ausiello 1/19), does it have to be the one character who currently makes my skin crawl? Low blow, Mikey. — Kristin Veitch

Ausiello: What exactly is your beef with Chloe on 24? Seriously, she's one of the freshest, most entertaining characters currently gracing the tube. Besides, I thought we agreed that we could see other people provided they A) were famous B) could further our careers, or C) had an "in" at 24? Are you having second thoughts now? In any event, here's the Scrubs scoop I was hinting about: A little birdie (by the name of Very High-Ranking Peacock Exec) told me that our favorite comedy has already been renewed for a fifth season! Hooray! Quick, someone take my picture with Judy Reyes!