Question: First, let me say I look forward to Wednesdays now just to read your column! I know you're as upset as I am that American Dreams was canceled. Do you know if NBC is going to air the alternate series ending that Jonathan Prince said was already filmed? I just hate the way the last show ended! — Sue S.

Ausiello: First, let me say you exceeded AA's newly imposed 50-word question limit. (Celebs, as always, are exempted from this rule.) Second, let me explain that I made an exception in this instance and only in this instance because you started off by giving me mad props. But third — and most important — don't let it happen again. In case you haven't heard, I've got Acronym Contests to organize a lot on my plate. But back to your question: An NBC spokesperson says "we would like to give the fans closure" and a Dreams wrap-up special "is under discussion." Translation: Don't hold your breath.