Question: Since you know Miss Piggy on a first-name basis, what is her first name? And I don't think it's "Miss." — Cameron

Ausiello: That's a great question — but one I think Miss Piggy should answer herself. Let's ring her on the Vancouver set of her latest film, Muppets' Wonderful Wizard of Oz. "Kissy kissy, 'tis moi! It is always delightful to answer your readers' questions. Like many stars (e.g., Madonna, Cher, Sting, Donald), I have but one name — Piggy. However, unlike those other lesser celebrities, my contract stipulates the need for an honorific title celebrating moi's specialness: "Empress" seemed too archaic, "Goddess" too presumptuous and "Diva" too obvious, and so I chose "Miss." Perfection itself, n'est-ce pas?"