Question: I just saw a thriller with Meg Ryan on TV; I stumbled onto the movie after it started and fell asleep prior to its conclusion, but I want to know how it turns out. Ryan and her sister live in an apartment together and there's a scene where she's remembering a childhood story her mother told her. Her sister is very loose sexually and Ryan ends up dating this police detective and having a steamy bedroom scene. Please let me know the title! — Bill

Ausiello: You stumbled onto In the Cut (2003), based on the literary thriller by Susanna Moore and starring Meg Ryan and Jennifer Jason Leigh as troubled half sisters living in New York (though not together). Ryan's character witnesses an incident that may hold the key to a string of vicious murders, and has a torrid affair with the equally troubled detective (Mark Ruffalo) assigned to the case. In the Cut is available on video and DVD in both the R-rated theatrical version and an unrated director's cut that contains a few additional seconds of graphic material.