Question: I just found your column and I love it. Where have I been? Anyway, what does Reno 911 have in store for its third season? That show just kills me! — Shelli

Ausiello: I spoke to exec producer Thomas Lennon (aka Dangle) last week and he dropped a ton of spoilers on my lap about the show's third and fourth seasons, which are currently being shot back-to-back. The big news is that they've signed former Daily Show correspondent Mary Birdsong to play a new full-time deputy. "She is probably the most well-adjusted of the group," Lennon says. Also, ex-Pee-wee Paul Reubens is going to recur as the gang's latest nemesis, a Guardian Angel who ends up beating them to the scene of every crime. Other Season 3 highlights: The entire squad will start off the season in jail; viewers will meet Dangle's son from a one-night stand with a drag queen; and Trudie will finally wed her Death Row beau, Craig, only to see him executed shortly thereafter.