Question: I've been a bit shocked by UPN's decision to order a full season of Veronica Mars. I love the show, but isn't it the usual deal that the unique shows seem to get canceled due to poor ratings? (Don't get me started on Firefly, Angel and Wonderfalls.) Why do you think Veronica Mars was given a chance? — Kristen H.

Ausiello: Simply put, UPN hasn't had a show that generated this much buzz since they stole Buffy from WB four years ago. And in Hollywood, good buzz can sometimes be as important as ratings — especially for a struggling weblet like UPN. Speaking of which, network president Dawn Ostroff dropped by TV Guide's New York offices/cubicles last week for a little meet-and-greet and sounded optimistic about Veronica's long-term prospects. She cited the current mall tour that Kristen Bell and Co. are on as one way the network is trying to get the word out. And while a mall tour sounds way too cheesy for this classy little show, I'm open to anything that keeps it on the air.