Question: I'm a big fan of Desperate Housewives, but even I can't excuse the lameness of the season finale. Half the episode covered stuff that everyone who has at least half a brain figured out months ago! — Michael M.

Ausiello: Finally you people are figuring out what I've known for months: Desperate Housewives is really overrated. Having said that, I didn't hate Sunday's finale as much as I have other episodes this season. Sure, there were elements that made absolutely no sense (John walking up to Carlos in the courtroom and "outing" himself as Gabrielle's lover; Susan's frantic phone calls to Mike about finding Mrs. Huber's diary), but I thought the Mary Alice mystery was wrapped up nicely, and the scene where Bree found out that Rex had died was beautiful — in a sad sorta way. But like much of DH, it was all very hit-or-miss. Of course, what do you expect when you have (according to the credits) six writers working together on one episode. Compare that to the four-star season finale of Gilmore Girls, which was the work of just one scribe: Amy Sherman-Palladino. I'd say justice will be served come Emmy time, but let's be real: It won't. (Wow, bitter much, Michael? So what if I am? Talk to yourself much, Michael? So what if I do? Shut up! No, you shut up!)