Question: Hey Mike! I love reading your stuff — it's hard to be informative and funny too, but you pull it off. Just a quick suggestion: how 'bout a quick spoiler warning before you let us know "They almost killed Charlie" in "Entertainment News (12/9)" Some of us tape Lost the night it airs and then watch it later in the week. Other than that, keep up the great work. Merry Christmas! — Josh S.

Ausiello: Yeah, I pissed a fair number of people off when I used my column to vent about Charlie's gut-wrenching near-death experience on last week's Lost. And while I see your point, how is that different than, say, me reporting on who won Survivor, or who got booted from The Apprentice? Sometimes, major plot twists (like Mrs. Huber's death on Desperate Housewives) qualify as news, and to ignore them would defeat the purpose of my daily column, no? Besides, if I didn't ruin it for you, Lord knows someone else would have. I couldn't go anywhere last Wednesday without someone asking me, "Can you believe they almost killed Charlie?!" There are certain Watercooler shows (Lost, Alias, 24, Survivor, The Apprentice) that demand to be watched live — or at least that night. Otherwise, you might as well find a fallout shelter to hunker down in until the buzz fades.