Question: Got any scoop on Scrubs? And by the way, has TV Guide put you on TV yet? If not, they should — you're hilarious! — Jane

Ausiello: Sometimes you folks make these shameless plugs too easy for me. Yes, Jane, I can be seen dishing about the "Big 5" on the TV Guide Channel every Friday at 7 pm. Now here's a Scrubs preview: In the May 10 season finale, J.D. completes his residency and decides it's finally time for him to move out of Turk's place to live on his own. Also, Turk and Carla consider a "family" change and, as I've been telling you for months, someone accepts a job offer from another hospital. Initially I thought it might be Carla or Turk, but now I'm suspecting it's Elliott (Sarah Chalke). Just a hunch. But remember, just because someone's bolting Sacred Heart, that doesn't mean they're bolting the show.