Question: Got any news on the fate of American Dreams? — Brianna

Ausiello: I asked Jonathan Prince for an update via e-mail, and here was his reply: "NBC needs quality programming that speaks to the advertisers and the affluent, educated viewers. And that's us. Keep the faith. Spread the word." In the meantime, Prince has reluctantly braced himself for possible cancellation. "If we are told before the final episode of the season airs that this is indeed going to be the final episode [ever], we're prepared," he confides. "I have shot an 'ending' to the series that I hope never airs." Or, at least, that he hopes won't air until well beyond Season 4. "I hope that in showing this 'epilogue' to the network," Prince says, "it will whet their appetite to spend the next few years to get to this promised ending."