Question: What exactly is TCA press tour? — KC

Ausiello: It's a twice-annual convention held in Los Angeles at which the networks pitch their latest offerings to TV reporters around the country. I like to think of it as jury duty with better perks. Among them: getting your picture taken with your favorite TV characters — like 24 scene-stealer Chloe, played by Mary Lynn Rajskub (see photo, above). Right before that pic was taken, Rajskub shared with me the disturbing news that (spoiler alert!) Chloe's gonna be MIA for about nine hours this season. Turns out, prior to joining 24, Rajskub agreed to appear in several episodes of Kelsey Grammer Presents: The Sketch Show, which airs later this season on Fox. But Rajskub promises that "Chloe will be back" by the end of the day. Phew. While we're on the subject of 24 spoilers, a little birdie told me at Sunday's Golden Globes that Dennis Haysbert is returning as President Palmer for 24's final six episodes. And this little birdie would know. Trust me.