Question: Doesn't the fact that 15 million people keep asking you when Tru Calling is coming back mean something? You should forward all these e-mails to Fox. — Kelly

Ausiello: I did one better: I asked Fox entertainment president Gail Berman about the show's fate at press tour Monday. Click here for her response. (Warning: It ain't good.) Plus, my colleague, Daniel R. Coleridge, snagged Eliza Dushku at Sunday's Golden Globes to get her take on Tru's future. (Warning: It ain't good.) "I think it's canned, man," she said. "I think that we had a movie within a show and... we couldn't quite find out where we fit in the network and in the lineup. I'm just excited to get back and do some more film and mix it up a little bit with some different characters. I think I'm gonna do a film or two in February, but nothing's set in stone yet." There is a silver lining in all this, folks: I think Tru Calling has made its final appearance in Ask Ausiello.