Question: Any Desperate Housewives spoilers? — Teri

Ausiello: You mean what I just gave you wasn't enough? Hrumph. Well, Kevin Murphy also confirmed that another VIP along Wisteria Lane will be pushing up daisies with Mrs. Huber by season's end. "And when we say we're going to kill a character," he teases, "it's not going to be Mailman No. 3. It's going to be a character we know and love and/or hate." Also in the finale, viewers are "going to learn a lot about what happened the day Mary Alice shot herself. The episode is going to take place as much in the past as the present. There's going to be a lot of going back and exploring the roots of the mysteries that were introduced in the pilot. And there will be a gigantic cliff-hanger in the end." And no, it does not involve Alfre's placement in the new cast photo. That was just a nasty rumor I started right this second.