Question: If they decide not to bring Carniv&#224le back for a third full season, what would be the chance of a two-hour movie just to wrap things up a little better? I mean, we've potentially got Sophie and Justin teamed up out there wreaking havoc and surely Ben will have to finish them off for good. — Steve

Ausiello: Not a chance, according to Daniel Knauf. "It wouldn't work [as a two-hour movie]," he says, "because we're only a third of the way through our story. I had said at the beginning that we couldn't do it in any less than three seasons or any more than six. I had always envisioned the story as three books. I knew if I crushed things I could do it in three, but we didn't. We decided from the outset not to crush it and tell the stories the way they should be told — which is in three two-season cycles. That decision had to be made early on and that's the way we went." That said, Kanuf believes that Carniv&#224le's remaining "three books" will see the light of day — if not on HBO, then maybe in the movies. "I've got a feeling that this is not going to go away," he says. "It could very well be one of those Star Trek experiences, where we pick it up where we last left off at some future date. But I doubt it would be on another network or anything like that."