Question: Your column is so boring. All you talk about is the same boring shows, Lost, Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars. What's up with that? There are far more better shows to discuss. — Denice

Ausiello: Like, maybe, Rescue Me? MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! (More space) When Season 2 kicks off on June 21, look for the romance between chubby-chasing hunk Mike "Probie" Silletti (Michael Lombardi) and Theresa (Fat Pig's Ashlie Atkinson) to take a really dark twist. Also, Laura (Diane Farr) hooks up with fellow firefighter Franco (Daniel Sunjata), against their better judgment — and unwritten FDNY code. Meanwhile, Sully (Lee Tergesen), the new guy who seems too good to be true, turns out to have a secret, and Tommy (Denis Leary) gets betrayed by someone close to him — and the fallout is explosive.