Question: Has any character ever been written out more oddly than Elisabeth Rohm on Law & Order? ("You're fired." "Is this because I'm a lesbian?") Huh? Why not just drop a helicopter on her? — Ken

Ausiello: At press tour, exec producer Dick Wolf defended the oddball "outing" by saying it was a "watercooler moment" that had everyone laughing, er, talking. "It was a way in the [final] 30 seconds of her last episode to reveal something about the character," he said. "I mean, you certainly don't think this was done by me and handed to Liz like, 'Say these words.' There was a very honest discussion where I called her up and said, 'Do you want to go out with a bang or a whimper?' And she heard [the idea] and said, 'This is great! Let's go for it!'" Meanwhile, there's apparently no truth to the nasty rumor that the original line was, "Is this because I'm a bad thespian?" People can be so cruel.