Question: I was very bummed to see you left the fabulous Kristen Bell off your list of TV's best actresses (Ask Ausiello 2/9). It's bad enough that Veronica Mars is ignored by every critic and magazine (in favor of the increasingly stupid Desperate Housewives), but this hurts. I thought you were different. I might need to break up with you. — Piper

Ausiello: There you go dangling the breakup card in my face again. That's so like you, Piper. But I'll admit it. I really screwed the poodge with the Kristen Bell slight. In my defense, I've been hooked up to an extra-strength DayQuil/Red Bull drip for the last couple weeks, and I think it's finally starting to get to me. Case in point: I also left Bell's TV dad, Enrico Colantoni, off my list of Emmy-worthy actors last week.