Question: I believe we should start off this week's Ask Ausiello with a moment of silence for Lost's Boone. — Sean

Ausiello: I couldn't agree more. [Moment of silen...] Hey, funny story: I finally got around to seeing The Upside of Anger Friday night and the craziest thing happened: Keri's performance literally melted the screen. No joke. Just moments after her big blowout scene with Joan Allen, the film started to melt like a big, black stick of Hotel Bar butter, bringing the movie to a screeching halt! Within five minutes, a Loews staffer entered the theater and announced that the reel was completely ruined. He then presented the mostly angry mob with "Emergency Re-Admit" tickets and invited us to "come back and see the rest of the film another day." Being the stealth swag whore that I am, I managed to grab three passes simply by jumping back into the line when no one was looking. I felt like a younger, skinnier, male Star Jones! In fact, my excitement over scoring three comp tickets overshadowed my disappointment at missing the final 45 minutes of Upside of Anger, leading me to the frightening conclusion that my love of free crap may be greater than my love for Keri. Crikey!