Question: It is awesome that you're such a Scrubs champion and are keeping the Carla-Turk surprise a surprise, but... could you spoil those of us who are interested in the Janitor-Elliot story line? The March 2 episode really brought to a head the seamless development of their friendship/one-sided-crush (or is it?), and I'm dying to know if that's the last we'll hear of the story line. Man, I love Scrubs. So hard. — Jess

Ausiello: I haven't revealed the Carla-Turk twist that "changes everything" mostly because I assumed you guys had figured it out by now. Surely, you have figured it out by now, right? Anyway, if Scrubs continues to explore a Janitor-Elliot flirtation, it will remain a one-sided affair. Bill Lawrence is on the verge of hiring a new (possibly long-term) love interest for Sarah Chalke.