Question: I am appalled! Only one Gilmore Girls question in the entire column last week. You are slacking! — Jaime

Ausiello: This should make up for it: I saw a rough cut of next Tuesday's episode and the big news is, Dragonfly Inn Guest No. 1 did not get left on the cutting-room floor a la the big Felicity catastrophe circa 2002. All of my body parts — hands, head, nose, eyebrows — made it into the episode. Even better, I'm on the screen for about four whole seconds, which just happens to meet the Academy's minimum requirements for consideration in the Guest Emmy category. I see a full page "For Your Consideration" trade ad in my future. In the meantime, don't forget to TiVo Tuesday's episode, because you'll need to play back my scene frame-by-frame in order to spot the little blue guy I planted on the bookshelf as a treat to you AA addicts.