Question: Your "Top 5 television couples" answer got me thinking. I know you like Gilmore Girls, so who do you think Rory was best with: Jess, Dean, or this new blond boy, Logan? — Sara

Ausiello: I know this isn't gonna win me any new fans, but I kinda-sorta liked her with Jess. That said, I think this new Logan dude has tremendous potential. BTW, how great was last night's episode? Not only did Rory name-drop Spike and Drusilla (my seventh favorite TV couple of all time), but that whole speed-dating thing featured Paris at her wittiest, bitchiest best. My favorite line of the night was when Paris, having just been caught shagging Doyle, told Rory, "You have no right to be repulsed by my sex life." I nearly spit up my peanut butter Fro-Yo.