Question: Do you have any Everwood spoilers? — Chris

Ausiello: Yeah, but it's gonna make Ephram fans bust a gut. MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! Gregory Smith will not appear in the May 23 season finale. Still reeling from Madisongate, Ephram heads to Europe at the end of the May 16 episode to start a new life. When I heard this I begged WB to put me on the phone with exec producer Rina Mimoun to find out why. "Ultimately, because of everything that happened with Madison, Ephram realizes that he's got to get away from his father," she told me. And because there were "many more stories to tell beyond the Ephram story," they decided to write him out a week early. As a result, the finale will focus primarily on the Jake-Nina-Andy triangle and Bright's realization that he has feelings for Hannah. (Duh!) And although Mimoun said that Ephram will head back home next fall, she's not revealing when. "Fans didn't know what we were gonna do with Colin either," she teased. "That's what keeps 'em guessing."