Question: What are the chances of 24 coming back for another season? — Cory

Ausiello: I'd say it's 90 percent certain. Speaking of 24, guess who just got cast in a Harrison Ford film? My favorite CTU techie Mary Lynn Rajskub (aka Chloe)!! "It's called The Wrong Element," Rajskub says. "Harrison is like a real heavy-duty financial guy, and I'm his assistant. His family gets taken hostage and I'm like, 'What's going on with my boss?!?!'" Filming gets under way April 6, right around the time Rajskub wraps 24. (As I previously reported, Rajskub took six weeks off to shoot Fox's The Sketch Show, which debuts this Sunday at 9:30 pm/ET.) In the meantime, Chloe reappears on the scene in Episode 13 or 14 — that's March 21 or March 28 — and Rajskub says, "There's more stuff with her and Edgar. And I might get to go out into the field, but I don't know yet." Chloe in the field? That's something I might get really, really excited about.