Question: You have the biggest head I have seen since King Kong. I mean it is huge! I think I shall dub thee Waterhead Mike, 'cause your head is just that big. Now that I've got that out of my system, any scoop on Alfre Woodard's character on Desperate Housewives? — Ericka

Ausiello: King Kong? Really? Well, you know what they say about disproportionately large heads. Anyway, regarding Ms. Alfre, exec producer Kevin Murphy tells me that her character will appear in the final two episodes of the season before returning as a regular next fall. And, "like our other housewives, she's a mother who's willing to go to extreme means to protect her family," he previews, adding that "Alfre will be central to the prevailing mystery of next season." The role of her early-twentysomething son, meanwhile, has not yet been cast, and Murphy says it could very well be filled by an unknown. "If we can find that fantastic star on the rise, we'll grab him."