Question: Now that this riveting TV season is over, what are the new shows worth watching over the summer? Is The Inside any good? — John Talcott

Ausiello: I watched the first two episodes over the weekend, and given its pedigree — it was created by Angel's Tim Minear and 24's Howard Gordon — I was massively disappointed. Basically, if Medium and Profiler were to have sex, get pregnant and give birth to a really boring baby, its name would be The Inside. And nothing against leading lady Rachel Nichols; I'm sure she's a very nice person, but she's woefully miscast here. Paris Hilton would have made a more convincing FBI agent. As far as summer recommendations go, Beauty and the Geek is a hoot, Lisa Kudrow's HBO Comeback improves in its second episode and TNT's big-budget Western Into the West features my girl Keri in pure period splendor.